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Abundance…my middle aged fat lady yoga practice

If you know me, you know that I’ve started practicing yoga regularly since September 2015 when
I attended the Accessible Yoga Conference.
I post about it on my facebook page A LOT. I love sharing posts or videos from awesome yogis like Matthew Sanford, Dianne Bondy & Jessamyn Stanley. There is a wonderful amount of fat positive yoga out there and I am feasting on it. It is giving me life!
One of my favorite quotes is from Matthew Sanford, in the seated yoga dvd Beyond Disability. “You’re stronger when you feel more.” As a yoga practitioner and bodyworker I believe it. Yoga is helping strengthen my body-mind connection, strengthening me inside and out and giving me a sense of equilibrium and trust in myself that I haven’t felt this consistently before.
Finding the right class & teacher is essential for my practice to happen. For me yoga is not possible without modification, or at least spending the time thinking how a particular pose will work with my body. There’s nothing automatic for me about yoga and that’s been a barrier in the past, but now I see it as an opportunity to embody my life as a whole and meet myself on the mat, or the chair an everywhere with kindness and love no matter where I’m at. Here’s the list of classes I go to as well as some other fat friendly/body positive teachers I know. There may be others but I’m only posting about classes or teachers I have experienced first hand.
Monday Night – Curvy Yoga with Susan Weiner – 7:30pm at Adeline Yoga in Berkeley. She offers other classes, look at her website.
Tuesday Night – Gentle Yoga with Naomi Finkelstein (it’s an all bodies class) 7:45pm at Leela Yoga in Alameda.
Wednesday Night (moved from Friday) – Plus Size Yoga with Treina Alexander 7:30pm at YogaLove Oakland.

Saturday Evening – Seated Yoga with the Bay Area Seated Yoga Collective 5:00pm at BORP in Berkeley. This class is centered around the needs of fat, superfat and disabled folks. All movement is done seated. Right now we are using Matthew’s dvd as our main yoga practice.

There are other classes that I’m aware of. Misia Fogosa Denea is leading a body positive wellness series at WCRC.

And Laura Ravensong Malouf-Renning is a dancer with EmFatic Dance and is teaching adaptive yoga at Leela Yoga. She welcomes seated practitioners too.

I hope you will join me on the mat or in a chair sometime soon. I love practicing with community! xox, Deb

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