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Fear Brain & Chronic Pain–4 week coaching class on the new science of pain

Starting the week of October 12th (my birthday!)
I will open my schedule for a 4 week pain education and coaching course I’m creating that will break down the science and create a way for you and I to explore 1 on 1 how to apply these principals to your life to help you diminish or eliminate your pain.

We will get friendly with your nervous system and create reliable practices that you can apply on your own which will change your relationship with your body forever: busting health anxiety, catastrophizing habits, creating new neural patterns to replace the ones that drive the pain response.

The format will be four weeks of pain science education delivered simply. Each week will include:

  • One education video presentation
  • One corresponding workbook
  • One 1 on 1 zoom call to discuss that week’s content and personalize it for your situation and answer questions. This time might include practicing somatic exercises, creative self-care solutioning, polyvagal mapping, and so on.

The 4 weeks topics include:

  • Pain science education* – what science says now about pain, why chronic pain is felt in the body but it’s now understood to be generated from the brain/safety/nervous system
  • Thoughts – how we what we think has the greatest impact on our stress (this is good news)
  • Feelings – developing a practice of feelings allowance to communicate safety to the nervous system, touching in on polyvagal theory and the bodymind connection.
  • Creating safety in your body – outcome independence, brain hacking, joy nugget retrieval, language subversion for healing, graded exposure while moving

This course is intended to be an introduction to this new and exciting path to healing pain that is trauma informed, personalized, caring and also fun, heart-expanding, hope generating, and affirming.

These are the practices I’ve used and developed to help me reduce my knee pain overnight to where it’s only an infrequent visitor. Recently I’ve started running and cannot believe that’s an activity that is possible let alone enjoyable in my fat aging body.

This summer I have experienced a great number of symptoms and have at times believed that I had life-threatening diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and more. After receiving no evidence of such diseases through medical testing, I reduced my symptoms by 95% through this work. Even while I was awaiting medical results, I still applied these techniques and experienced a relief of pain and distress.

Stay tuned to the scheduler going up.
There will be limited spots to this first round of classes.
More details to come!
I can’t wait to dive in to this with you.

* Pain science education certification levels Beginner through Advanced from the PPD Association and completion of Beyond Pain Education: Mastering Novel Psychosocial Strategies to Cure Pain a course for hands-on wellness practitioners from Charlie Merrill PT and Dr. Howard Schubiner, pain science leader and author of Unlearn Your Pain, Unlearn Your Anxiety and Hidden from View. Irene Lyon’s 21 Day Nervous System Reboot completed.

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