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About Deb

Hi, I’m Deb and I’m a Certified Massage Therapist with the state of California, CAMTC #45112 and Mindbody Wellness Coach focused on both top down (cognitive/brain) and bottom up (somatic/body) techniques.

I help the helpers & I believe that all people deserve fierce love & dedication to their well-being!

My massage table has been blessed to serve first responders, social workers, spiritual directors, organizers, teachers, therapists, caretakers, nurses, doctors, sex workers, office workers, servers and more…. I create space for those who are givers (formal or informal) to receive. Welcome helpers…

I work from a trauma informed, Health at Every Size(R) perspective.  My ambition is for us to co-create a sense of safety and honor for your whole self in our time together. I help you find your way to becoming the google translator of your own nervous system.

My accessible from anywhere care is available with an 8 week pain recovery program - part pain science education, part coaching and always connected & caring. Click here to know more -

All massage services are currently suspended.
My Bay Area bodywork recommendation is Angel Sanchez —

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