Move Along With Deb

Move Along With Deb

Hello all! I’ve been finding ways to source out and encourage non-judgmental body positive movement activities for my clients and friends. There’s a number of them that I attend myself. I know it can be hard to get out the door to try out something new, especially if you’re traveling solo. So as an experiment, I’m inviting you along with me to activities I enjoy and find nourishing for my body.

Inspired by the sweet goofiness of public access TV in the 80’s, I’ve named this Move Along With Deb.

I’ll be keep a calendar and posting activities on my fb page.
I hope you’ll join me sometime!


Some of the classes are great for all bodies and abilities and some require being able to get up and down off the floor. I will indicate which is which. Non-judgemental movement and strength building has improved my life, both physically and mentally. It’s taken me many decades to feel like I am able to go to a movement class and feel empowered to take up space and inhabit the body I’m in without shame or negativity. My ongoing goals are to find movement partners/experts who will help me address alignment challenges which are causing me back and hip pain, to honor my body in all it’s complexity and to have fun moving!

If you feel inclined, please join the fb page. I hope you’ll come with me to a class or two. And if there’s an activity you have been wanting to try but don’t want to do alone, let me know, if I can I’ll go with you. We’re in this together!!!